a collective dynamic to promote a millenary wine region

The Paulée d'Anjou, a collective adventure started in 2012 by the “Black Anjou” winemakers wishing to promote their shale terroirs, has gradually opened up to all of the great Anjou terroirs. Concretising this dynamic, the 2019 edition brought together for the first time the schists of “Black Anjou” and the limestones of “White Anjou”.  And the collective dynamic continues… The Paulée d’Anjou is a friendly and cultural event, serving ambitious long-term objectives. Through a common Charter, the participating winegrowers undertake to promote:

All the riches of Anjou : its landscapes and biodiversity, its wines from unique and inimitable terroirs, its millennial history, its heritage monuments, its gastronomy, its culture and its artists, etc.

A responsible and sustainable mode of viticulture, of which the region was one of the pioneers, presenting only wines being certified or in the process of organic / biodynamic certification.

Humanist values, so often embodied by Loire Valley winemakers: open-mindedness and temperance, inter-generational support fostering the installation of young talents, etc.


An international-scale event, the Paulée d'Anjou attracts each year more winegrowers wishing to join this ambitious collective movement. For the 2020 edition, more than 70 winemakers, from the “stars” of the region to the “talents of tomorrow”, invite you to join them for this moment of conviviality, culture and sharing.


The Paulée d'Anjou is a 100% winemaker association supported by a 25-member Board, led by a President and two Vice-Presidents.


BOARD MEMBERS of the Paulée d'Anjou association for 2020 :

Président : Ivan Massonnat, Vice Président Anjou noir : Bruno Ciofi, Vice Président Anjou blanc : Céline Sanzay, Secrétaire : Charlotte Carsin, Secrétaire adjoint : Fabien Duveau, Trésorier : JF Vaillant, Trésorier adjoint : Anatole de la Brosse.

Membres :  Adrien Moreau, Alexis Soulas, Damien Laureau, David Vigan, Evelyne de Pontbriand, Géraldine Cailleau, Guillaume Pire, Guillaume Reynouard, Jo Pithon (membre d’honneur),  Liv Vincendeau, Loïc Mahé, Marie Guégniard, Mélanie Cunin, Patrick Baudouin, 

Paul-Éric Chauvin, Pierre-Antoine Giovannoni, Thomas Carsin, Vanessa Cherruau.


WINEMAKERS presents at the Coulée de Serrant  for the 2019 edition of the Paulée d'Anjou :

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