La Paulée d’Anjou, beating heart of the Loire Valley :

New date, 100% winemaker 2020 edition and ambitions for the future.

Adapting to the current period, the collective of the Paulée d'Anjou has redesigned the format of this Angevin event which has become unavoidable by organizing a 100% Paulée between winemakers. A return to the sources which is accompanied by great ambitions for the future and which makes it possible to consolidate ties while starting the preparation of the 2021 edition.






The renewal started in 2019 which brought together the two key Anjou terroirs (“Anjou Blanc” near Saumur and “Anjou Noir” near Angers), will gain momentum this year and beyond, with the symbolic reconstitution of the historic Anjou Province. So for the first time, the Paulée d'Anjou will welcome around fifteen organic winegrowers from the Bourgueil and Saint Nicolas de Bourgueil appellations, bringing the total number of participants to 70 80 this year.




The Paulée d’Anjou has collectively defined a Charter through which the participating winegrowers undertake to promote :

  •  All the riches of Anjou : its landscapes and biodiversity, its wines from unique and inimitable terroirs, its millennial history, its heritage of "beautiful stones", its gastronomy, its culture and its artists, etc...
  • A responsible and sustainable mode of viticulture, of which the region was one of the pioneers, presenting only wines being certified or in the process of organic biodynamic certification.
  • Humanist values, so often embodied by Loire Valley winemakers : open mindedness and temperance, inter generational support fostering the installation of young talents, etc...


La Paulée prepares its anniversary edition : 10th Paulée d’Anjou in 2021

La Paulée d’Anjou will return in 2021 for an exceptional tenth anniversary edition. Excursions in the vineyards, international participants, 100% organic or biodynamic winetasting... The objectives of the Paulée will remain the same : allowing each participant to better understand the geology, history, terroirs and methods of the Anjou viticulture!